About this blog...

I was a member of the Rock of NW Arkansas for over four years and am intimately familiar with the teachings. I can say without a doubt that the Rock of NW Arkansas is a cult that is breeding a terrible doctrine of elitism, control, and manipulation.

The following is a documentary of thoughts I have collected concerning my experiences at the Rock of NW Arkansas.

Read Me First!!

To begin with, I want anyone who reads this website to understand that my experience with the Rock of NW Arkansas has taught me just how quickly wonderful, well-intended people can stray from the safety of the scriptures into dangerous doctrines. We're all capable of this. I still believe the people at the Rock are wonderful, but they are terribly self-deceived.

My hope through this site is to open dialogue both between current members and those who have lost family or friends to the Rock of NW Arkansas. As most have experienced, dialogue is quickly and aggressively crushed at the Rock. I hope to change that tragic and unethical practice, but that means the members of the Rock will have to take a step back and ask some hard questions.

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I felt this cartoon was an appropriate way to introduce my concerns about the Rock of NW Arkansas. Leave it to Bill Watterson to be able to address a dense, dark issue in such a comical fashion. Sadly, Calvin’s response to his situation is, and continues to be, identical to that of the Rock of NW Arkansas as it relates to the damage caused by the immature and ignorant doctrines taught there.

The truth of the situation is that many families and friendships have been destroyed because of the teachings that come out of the Rock of NW Arkansas. Even with family members pleading and friends crying out for answers, the people have been taught to ignore them, turn their back, and fight to avoid learning from the damage created.

Purpose for this site
I believe that people should be able to put their ideas on the table and the ideas are sorted for their merit. Regardless of where or from whom those ideas emerged, if the ideas are valid, they should be considered. This requires conflict: an argument, its counter, and healthy debate. Ultimately, I believe the Holy Spirit can guide us to the right decision through this process.

The leadership at the Rock claim to have mined out some new revelation that the church has been missing for 2000 years - the gospel of the kingdom. But what is it? How does it work? Can this be supported through scripture? Nobody knows! Even the members do not know! It's a doctrine continually in flux - warped to meet the needs of the moment.

My purpose in writing this blog is therefore twofold:
1. To create open discussion about the doctrines being taught at the Rock of NW Arkansas.
2. To expose the current false, dangerous, immature teachings which are currently being released from the pulpit.

I believe firmly that the ministry is sincere in its efforts. That does not excuse the mindless wreckage left by their poor choices, terrible ideas, and lack of discipline. If they have some special revelation that God has withheld from the rest of us who also sincerely seek God, then by all means they should articulate their revelation so we can all benefit! If this is a false doctrine that is just another variation on an old lie, then it should be exposed.

Who am I?
I was on the worship team for four years and saw the Rock of NW Arkansas transition from a non-denominational, mildly charismatic church to a group with elitist, extremist, heretical teachings.

For several years my wife and I waited, hoping that the ministry would return to its roots. What we discovered is that its roots are actually what it had become. The Rock of Panama City helped spawn the Rock of NW Arkansas, and the teachings in Panama City are as every bit elitist, extremist, and heretical as those taught in my community.

I make this point because the Rock of NW Arkansas is not just some church that I stumbled upon and found that I disagree with their doctrines. Rather, I have intimate knowledge of the leadership, their intentions, and their ideas. Further, I helped spread this bad doctrine for a season! So I feel a responsibility to help members of my community avoid the heartache and potential disasters and damage through which my family went and from which we are still recovering.

Final thoughts

My hope is that this site will help people at the Rock of NW Arkansas become aware of what they are doing to their community. No matter how much they want to ignore the damage they are causing to relationships, hopefully they can only handle too much ignorant bliss.